Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

OOAK NYC vintage toy store. Motivation to get well and go to The City.

Today's song: Let's Live For Today, The Grass Roots. Creed Bratton from The Office is on the left.

Bactine keeps away "mean old germs."

QR codes used to sell NYC Fifth Avenue Fashion. Adds custom info to each item.

Video of figure-8 auto racing. More dangerous than the typical race.

Save on pensions today by cheating your future workers. RI, TX and Ohio do it!

The New York Times article explains the procedure

"The maneuver, and techniques that have similar effects, are already in use in Rhode Island, Texas, Ohio, Arkansas and a number of other places, allowing those states to harvest savings today by imposing cuts on workers in the future.

Texas saved millions of dollars this year after raising its retirement age for future hires and barring them from counting unused sick leave in their pensions. More savings will appear in coming years. Rhode Island also raised its retirement age for future retirees last year, after being told it could save $90 million in the first year alone."

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Want to learn something? 1800+ math, science, algebra and more, Free videos. I wish they had this when I studied Algebra.

Brooklyn malls restrict teen gatherings - But they require IDs of college students too.

NY Times article tells of Mall restriction on groups of teenagers.

"On Thursday, at an entrance on Flatbush Avenue, a guard asked Chaniece Faulkner, 20, of Canarsie, for identification. She handed over an ID from Monroe College, and her friend Sharivia Alford, 19, of Coney Island, showed one from Lehman College. Allowed to enter, they went straight to a McDonald’s.

Ms. Faulkner said she was not happy about having to show identification. Then again, she said, looking around the mall, “it’s calmer than usual.”

Mr. Showmanship about to leave the Stage - Liberance Las Vegas museum to close.

Friday, September 17, 2010


View from the outside looking in.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Collections: Trash or treasure?

via Unclutterer

Do you have a collection that you're ready to let go? This weekend might be a perfect time to gather it up, research its value, ... Read More >>

Rain in San Jose

via Brushes Gallery – iPhone/iPad Art Pool

Romano Martino has added a photo to the pool: made with Nikon CoolPix and iPad Read More >>

Auto races in Second Life - Dirtfield Racing on

Using machinima for real business: law videos, training and virtual sets.

Machinima is animated computer graphics. Hypergrid Business has a short article. Let me know if you want to work on something like this in Second Life. 




Virtual Events for business: Virtualu, Second Life and Teleplace explained.

Hypergrid Business explains Virtualu, Second Life and Teleplace. Let me know if you ever used one. I'm setting up an office in Second Life.

Fab Lab house wins Solar Decathlon Europe people's choice award. Coming to a cul-de-sac near you!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dinner for 2 at Hot Grill

"Rooms Worth Keeping" post - recreate the rooms in Second Life.

NY Times blog post here. Recreate the famous rooms and feature them in a virtual reality, like Second Life.

Egg farm workers complained of filth - now there's a recall.

Link on Yahoo

"They also said boxes that contained eggs that were cracked in shipping and rejected by stores were returned to the distribution center. Although by then they were weeks old, some eggs that were not cracked were repackaged and sent back out, Robert Arnold said.

"I complained that that was wrong because they were old eggs, and the USDA person said it was OK because they do it all the time," he said."

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Could Discovery Channel gunman have a motive. Live twitter feed here: covers the live tweets.His webpage:

MSNBC reports his protests are about overpopulation.


QR codes catching on - Digital Life

I need to update the links on my QR site.

QR codes catching on - Digital Life

Have you used the Gmail Priority feature yet?

CNN has an article about it here. Google is trying to help control the info overload.

Link About It: This Week's Picks

via Cool Hunting
1. Gilpin Family Whiskey For this weekend's gross-out conversation starter, go no further than researcher and diabetic James ... Read More >>

American Ruins

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the iPad and the legal industry - might give you ideas. writes about the Apple iPad. Lots of uses and critiques for the iPad and apps for the legal industry. As always, think outside the box and adapt other’s methods to work for you.