Thursday, January 27, 2011

Avination - the new altenative to Second Life

I wanted to play Zyngo.

But that seems to be a problem for the Lindens. Gambling is taboo for some reason, while just about everything else under the Sun isn't.

It was a Zyngo forum where I heard people mention It's another virtual reality community. It seems to be in the place where Second Life was at three years ago.

The bad points:

- The tech is not advanced. No media players. Not much of anything as a matter of fact. The content of others can not be transferred over, although items you created can be brought to the other side. I have to examine that further. Clothes and hair are lacking. So are buildings.

The items that are around aren't the most stylish and everything is expensive. Think virtual Cuba.

It seems that Avination does not want Free items distributed.

It's not easy to change your clothes and avatar features at this time.

The GOOD points:

It's cheap - really cheap. I can have my own named sim for $40 a month. That was a little over 4,000 sq.m. in Second Life.

You can build larger items. What's the limit in Second Life - 30 x 30 meters and then the size limit was reached? I haven't seen how far I can stretch it, but making a 100 meter piece of plywood was no problem at all.

More space, bigger objects made of fewer prims.


You can transfer your name and your funds from Second Life to Anination.

Anination has last names you can choose from. As in Second Life, there is a limited selection of surnames (although many there seem to be fewer space-alien sounding monikers.)

BUT, you can transfer over your Second Life identity, so you can have a surname that has yet to be offered in Anination.

The other day I went to my Second Life government issued house. I haven't been there for a month or two and Governor Linden took the opportunity to change the locks. I couldn't get the door open. I got in though, teleported.

Enough of Second Life. It's expensive, things don't work, customer service is non-existent and it isn't fun any more.

Just like another 4-letter place I don't spend time at any more.

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  1. Well this was written way back In January before anyone knew that avn aka nutnation is being run by and for zombies. Every type and profession wants to have their own virtual space so why not zombies-but do I need to be there with them?? Nooooooooo!
    Yeah phoenix2000 is correct no freebies allowed just rampant capitalism with the world economy in the state it's in-in a virtual world that has at best 200 people at a time logged in. Tell me how long THAT'S going to last??!?!