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Do you smoke? Hospitals won't hire you - who's next? article

Great article in the New York Times:

"The new rules essentially treat cigarettes like an illegal narcotic. Applications now explicitly warn of “tobacco-free hiring,” job seekers must submit to urine tests for nicotine and new employees caught smoking face termination.

This shift — from smoke-free to smoker-free workplaces — has prompted sharp debate, even among anti-tobacco groups, over whether the policies establish a troubling precedent of employers intruding into private lives to ban a habit that is legal."



Thursday, February 3, 2011

A smokey Skokie loophole: would people buy cigarettes from you for $2.70 a pack?

Imagine a machine that rolls cigarettes from pipe tobacco at $27.00 a carton. That'll draw traffic. 

"The roll-your-own machine at Smokes & Such, which hums and bangs like an oversize printer in need of service, is only one of five in the state. Customers choose a type of tobacco and filter, the materials are loaded into the machine, and the customers push a button to start the production process. This small but critical step means the customers are technically making their own cigarettes — exempting the machine’s owners from state regulations and tax requirements"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pro Anti Egypt supporters in vicious combat. CNN

Hand to hand combat in the streets of Cairo, Egypt. Whips, bottles and rocks being used. Anderson Cooper of CNN hit by Pro Mubarak supporters.

Riots in Cario, ice in NYC

Pro & anti-government supporters clash in Egypt. New York City concentrates on the icy streets.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Setting up Phoenix, Anination office

Greetings. I bought an Altair Rental System and now I'm trying to set it up.

First I parceled out some spaces on my land.

I need to set up the Rental System, so I made a 20 x 20 meter box for an office and put a disguised window on the wall. This other side of the window is a rock surface. To the right, out in the open are my seven Zyngo machines. Zyngo machines with Autoplay on and FUN rules! (It's not that way at the other place.)

Once I had an office, it was time to unpack the box. This system is supposed to have a table map that shows your rental properties. I need to RTFM more at this point.

Are you a builder or scripter?

I need a skyscraper, warehouses, RSS readers and Media boards. I also need advertising boards.

Need space? I will rent you land in exchange for the items above. Leave a reply - I'll contact you privately.

Jack Eel

Phoenix, Avination











10 Ways to Get the Most from Technology: Get a smartphone, use the cloud

NY Times has the tips. They should suggest you use an RSS reader, but advises to dump Internet Explorer, back-up, get deals and more.

Fish, coffee and stamps are cash in prison. Read why

Wired has the article. When they take away money, something else takes it's place. Fish is cash. What would you do with cash if people stopped believing in it as money? No room to write on it and it isn't absorbant. Gold, silver (solder), platinum and copper take you far - especially if you want to build a computer.