Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Setting up Phoenix, Anination office

Greetings. I bought an Altair Rental System and now I'm trying to set it up.

First I parceled out some spaces on my land.

I need to set up the Rental System, so I made a 20 x 20 meter box for an office and put a disguised window on the wall. This other side of the window is a rock surface. To the right, out in the open are my seven Zyngo machines. Zyngo machines with Autoplay on and FUN rules! (It's not that way at the other place.)

Once I had an office, it was time to unpack the box. This system is supposed to have a table map that shows your rental properties. I need to RTFM more at this point.

Are you a builder or scripter?

I need a skyscraper, warehouses, RSS readers and Media boards. I also need advertising boards.

Need space? I will rent you land in exchange for the items above. Leave a reply - I'll contact you privately.

Jack Eel

Phoenix, Avination











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