Friday, December 28, 2012

New York City Street Food

From the CBS 2 TV web site...

We haven’t seen the Urban Lobster Shack…On Wheels around lately. We weren’t sure if they were out of business, taking some time off, or just keeping quiet on the tweets. Turns out it was the latter.

The latest hot spot for food trucks is 47th St between Park & Madison, with some spillover on Vanderbilt Ave and on the east side of Park Ave. Yesterday there were 5 food trucks on that block, with 2 more spotted in the surrounding area. That’s a nice choice for lunch, and Urban Lobster Shack was one of the options.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

FREE non-commercial Twitter backgrounds

Here are tons of free Twitter backgrounds that you can use as a background for your personal, non-commercial Twitter account, featuring the funky artwork of Thaneeya McArdle!

Restore your iMac to Factory Settings

Oct 20, 2012 8:05 PM (in response to boovach1)
Follow these instructions step by step to prepare a Mac for sale:

Step One - Back up your data:

       A. If you have any Virtual PCs shut them down. They cannot be in their "fast saved" state. They must be shut down from inside Windows.
       B. Clone to an external drive using using Carbon Copy Cloner.

          1. Open Carbon Copy Cloner.
          2. Select the Source volume from the Select a source drop down menu on the left side.
          3. Select the Destination volume from the Select a destination drop down menu on the right
          4. Click on the Clone button. If you are prompted about creating a clone of the Recovery HD be
              sure to opt for that.

               Destination means a freshly erased external backup drive. Source means the internal
               startup drive. 

Step Two - Prepare the machine for the new buyer:

          1. De-authorize the computer in iTunes! De-authorize both iTunes and Audible accounts.
          2, Remove any Open Firmware passwords or Firmware passwords.
          3. Turn the brightness full up and volume nearly so.
          4. Turn off File Vault, if enabled.
          5. Disable iCloud, if enabled: See What to do with iCloud before selling your computer.

Step Three - Install a fresh OS:

     A. Snow Leopard and earlier versions of OS X

          1. Insert the original OS X install CD/DVD that came with your computer.
          2. Restart the computer while holding down the C key to boot from the CD/DVD.
          3. Select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu; repartition and reformat the internal hard drive.
              Optionally, click on the Security button and set the Zero Data option to one-pass.
          4. Install OS X.
          5. Upon completion DO NOT restart the computer.
          6. Shutdown the computer.

     B. Lion and Mountain Lion (if pre-installed on the computer at purchase*)

         Note: You will need an active Internet connection. I suggest using Ethernet if possible because
                   it is three times faster than wireless.

          1. Restart the computer while holding down the COMMAND and R keys until the Mac OS X
              Utilities window appears.
          2. Select Disk Utility from the Mac OS X Utilities window and click on the Continue button.
          3. After DU loads select your startup volume (usually Macintosh HD) from the left side list. Click
              on the Erase tab in the DU main window.
          4. Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) Optionally, click on the Security button
              and set the Zero Data option to one-pass.
          5. Click on the Erase button and wait until the process has completed.
          6. Quit DU and return to the Mac OS X Utilities window.
          7. Select Reinstall Lion/Mountain Lion and click on the Install button.
          8. Upon completion shutdown the computer.

*If your computer came with Lion or Mountain Lion pre-installed then you are entitled to transfer your license once. If you purchased Lion or Mountain Lion from the App Store then you cannot transfer your license to another party. In the case of the latter you should install the original version of OS X that came with your computer. You need to repartition the hard drive as well as reformat it; this will assure that the Recovery HD partition is removed. See Step Three above. You may verify these requirements by reviewing your OS X Software License.

Staten Island ain't fixed!

Nowhere near cleaned up. Follow Jenna Pope through her blog!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Izod Indycar 2013 Schedule

Izod Indycar 2013 Schedule 

Honda Grand Prix Of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, FL
 24 Mar   

Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama

Birmingham, AL
  07 Apr    

Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

Long Beach, CA
  21 Apr    

Sao Paulo Indy 300

Sao Paulo, Brazil
  05 May    

Indianapolis 500

Speedway, IN
  26 May    

Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix

Race 1

Detroit, MI
  01 Jun    

Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix

Race 2

Detroit, MI
  02 Jun    

Texas Motor Speedway

Fort Worth, TX
  08 Jun    

Milwaukee IndyFest

West Allis, WI
  15 Jun    

Iowa Corn Indy 250

Newton, IA
  23 Jun    

Pocono INDYCAR 400
07 Jul    

Honda Indy Toronto

Race 1

Toronto, Ontario
  13 Jul    

Honda Indy Toronto

Race 2

Toronto, Ontario
  14 Jul    

Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio
Lexington, OH
  04 Aug    

GoPro Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma

Sonoma, CA
  25 Aug    

Grand Prix of Baltimore

Baltimore, MD
  01 Sep    

Shell and Pennzoil Grand Prix of Houston

Race 1
Houston, TX
  05 Oct    

Shell and Pennzoil Grand Prix of Houston

Race 2
Houston, TX
  06 Oct    

Fontana, CA
  19 Oct    

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Disregard Authority and Stick It to the Man

Bypass internet filters, escape paywalls, jailbreak your phone and more. Details here from Lifehacker!




Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Effective uses for Tumblr - What works

So what works on Tumblr? has some ideas here.

Reblog good content, be available for people to answer questions, take part in trends and use good tags so you can be found.

Please post a link to your Tumblr blog.

I like Posterous and their ability to send works to a variety of sites. That is a great feature.



Sunday, July 15, 2012

Does your blog encourage your audience to leave?

That can't be good.

Boring - too many clicks -
an assault on the EYES!

Good article by Melinda Atlas.
Don't Scare Away the Audience! - check out the comments.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Student loan debt leading to suicides

"Suicide is the dark side of the student lending crisis and, despite all the media attention to the issue of student loans, it's been severely under-reported."

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

This is a really serious article by C. Cryn Johassen in The Huffington Post and produced by the independent Economic Hardship Reporting Project.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Connect the HP LaserJet 1020 printer wireless to the Macs in your house

My HP LaserJet 1020 printer is a great work horse.

It was hooked up to my PC but I want it to work with my iMac.

You need some other drivers for your Mac.

1. Visit this site, follow the instructions, and choose the HP LaserJet 1022 settings.

2. Do this on every Mac you want to use. I installed the drivers on an iMac and a Mac AirBook.

3. Get an Apple AirPort Express Base Station - it's $99.00 from Apple.

4. On each Mac, open System Preferences and choose Print & Scan.

Press the + sign and add the new 1020/1022 HP Printer to your list.


Good luck!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mexican "guest workers" file suit against CJ's Seafood

H-2B visa workers have files complaints with the U.S. Labor Department accusing CJ's Seafood of Breaux Bridge, LA of being locked in the facility, forced to work double and triple shifts without overtime compensation and not being allowed to take breaks.

From the Huffington Post:

"Earlier this year, the Labor Department introduced new rules that would reform the H-2B program. Among other changes, the reforms would force companies to make a greater effort to hire American workers before bringing on foreign guest workers; require companies to foot the bill for workers' visas and travel expenses; and ramp up penalties on employers that violate program rules.

Claiming the new rules would leave employers short-staffed, business groups including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have managed to temporarily halt the reforms through a federal lawsuit."

Read more here in The Huffington Post.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Best Buy tries to exploit Geek Squad workers. Workers sue!

Oppressed computer techs unite!
Geek Squad workers contend they were forced to work off the clock and without rest periods.
Employers - don't try to get out of paying overtime by just saying a job is "saleried" unless that job meets the criteria in your State.
Read more about the Geek Squad case in the Huffington Post.

Friday, March 16, 2012

F1 Formula 1 Schedule for 2012

Examine the 2012 Official Formula 1 schedule at the F1 website.

01 2012 FORMULA 1 QANTAS AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX (Melbourne) 16 - 18 Mar
02 2012 FORMULA 1 PETRONAS MALAYSIA GRAND PRIX (Kuala Lumpur) 23 - 25 Mar
03 2012 FORMULA 1 UBS CHINESE GRAND PRIX (Shanghai) 13 - 15 Apr
04 2012 FORMULA 1 GULF AIR BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX (Sakhir) 20 - 22 Apr
05 FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE ESPAÑA SANTANDER 2012 (Catalunya) 11 - 13 May
06 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2012 (Monte Carlo) 24 - 27 May
07 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2012 (Montréal) 08 - 10 Jun
08 2012 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF EUROPE (Valencia) 22 - 24 Jun
09 2012 FORMULA 1 SANTANDER BRITISH GRAND PRIX (Silverstone) 06 - 08 Jul
11 FORMULA 1 ENI MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2012 (Budapest) 27 - 29 Jul
12 2012 FORMULA 1 SHELL BELGIAN GRAND PRIX (Spa-Francorchamps) 31 Aug - 02 Sep
14 2012 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX (Singapore) 21 - 23 Sep
15 2012 FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX (Suzuka) 05 - 07 Oct
16 2012 FORMULA 1 KOREAN GRAND PRIX (Yeongam) 12 - 14 Oct
17 2012 FORMULA 1 AIRTEL INDIAN GRAND PRIX (New Delhi) 26 - 28 Oct
19 2012 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX (Austin) 16 - 18 Nov
20 FORMULA 1 GRANDE PRÊMIO DO BRASIL 2012 (São Paulo) 23 - 25 Nov 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What day is the NASCAR Daytona 500 race?

Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 1:00 PM EST the Daytona 500 auto race will begin.

Qualifying for the Daytona 500 pole starts at 1:05 PM EST on sunday, February 19, 2012.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Gatorade Duel Qualifying Races are 60 laps and 150 miles each. The qualifying races start at 2:00 PM EST on Thursday, February 23, 2012.

The NASCAR Nationwide Series Drive4COPD 300 starts at 1:15 PM on Saturday, February 25, 2012.

Monday, January 23, 2012

After hour emails mean Overtime pay in Brazil

Live in Brazil? If you answer your company email after work hours you are entitled to overtime. 

Don't tell anyone, but if you are not saleried, you are likely eligible for overtime in the United States, too. 

Read more here in the Huffington Post.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Woe on Wall Street - smaller bonus, even layoffs at Goldman Sachs

Small bonus, no bonus, some staffers fired. 

Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse cutting benefits as well. Read more here at The Huffington Post

Woe on Wall Street - smaller bonus, even layoffs at Goldman Sachs

Small bonus, no bonus, some staffers fired. 

Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse cutting benefits as well. Read more here at The Huffington Post

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How much is that Intern in the window? Ask Anthropologie


Avoid minimum wage and get college students to work for free. Better yet, make it a required class and let the college take the blame and a tuition payment.

Anthropologie in Scottsdale, AZ is looking for interns. 

"Interns are responsible for supporting the visual team with the successful implementation of all display elements within a store--windows, signage, platforms, shelf uppers and jewelry cases." Salary: "0.00 - 0.00 USD."

Read more at the Atlantic Wire.



Monday, January 16, 2012

Hotel workers cheated for $ millions by Hospitality Staffing Solutions

Marriott, Hyatt, Omni hotels and more are being sued after outsourcing their workers to Hospitality Staffing Solutions. Indianapolis, Indiana hotel employees were forced to work off the clock and on their unpaid breaks. Read more at the Huffington Post.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do schools flout the law with unpaid internships?

Blogsy program

 Testing a blog writing program.
Uploaded the image, changed text.
Font family. Looks good.
Finally reading the instructions
And watching the videos.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

XBox 360 laptop - How to Do It Yourself

Ben Heckendorn turned his Microsoft XBox 360 into a laptop. Great pictures and explanations of his project. 

Read more about it here, on Ben's blog.

Friday, January 6, 2012